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Margrit Zinggeler, author of SWISS MAID in English and SWISS MAID in German.

Margrit V. Zinggeler on mission in her native country in 2016 to research the contributions of common as well as influential women to the success story of Switzerland to fill a lacuna in the history of the country.

Meet the Author

Margrit V. Zinggeler was born in St.Gallen, Eastern Switzerland, and grew up in a small farming village in the canton of Thurgau. She studied English and History at the University of Zurich. She and her husband lived in the U.S. for three years in the 1970s before they immigrated with their two children, a dog, and two guinea pigs in 1983. Margrit earned her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis in 1993. After teaching as a lecturer at several colleges, she became Professor of German at Eastern Michigan University in 1999. Her research concentrated on Swiss Studies, Business German, and new approaches to teaching German with the Brothers' Grimm Fairy Tales. She retired from teaching at Eastern Michigan University in December 2018. As Professor Emerita, she continues being involved in scholarly activities. 

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